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While there are many factors to climb the search rankings outside of your website, Breezy Sites works to refine it them every month to improve your website's visibility and ranking.

Make sure your website is set up how google likes it.

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78% of sites had SEO issues. This includes problems with meta descriptions, link issues, low word count, duplicate content, missing H1 tags, and other SEO-related problems.
- Raven Tools

Is your website lost in the depths of search engine results?

Rising to the top of search rankings is no easy task, but BreezySites is here to help. Our Search Optimization service uses strategic techniques to enhance your website's visibility. Each month, we'll provide a report outlining improvements to boost your rankings and implement them for you.

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Breezy Content is the perfect companion to Breezy Sites. Instantly gain a web team and a content marketing team that work perfectly together.

See your startup flourish with a professional online presence.

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Frequently asked questions

SEO is a long-term process. While you may see some improvements in the first few months, significant changes usually take longer.

No, Breezy Sites optimizes your website to be the very best it can be for google. However, BreezyContent can create SEO friendly content that will help significantly. Services like backlinking must be handled outside of Breezy.

We use a variety of SEO techniques, including keyword optimization, content marketing, backlinking, and technical SEO improvements. These consist of site map schema, meta titles and descriptions, alt tags and site speed.

We stay updated with the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithms to provide effective and current SEO strategies.
BreezySites offers ongoing support that we you will need to be part of for at least three months. After that we suspect that you’ll stay with us.
In as much as your website’s content is local, we can optimize it. However, making sure you are in all the local maps, and directories is outside our service.
Yes, we implement SEO best practices during the development process to ensure your website is search-engine friendly.
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